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ProfileCourtney Bunfill had a passion for children, specifically for children with special needs. She was credits away from completing her degree in Special Education when she was abruptly taken from us by a tragic accident. “Court” as she was lovingly called by her husband and family had always wanted to help children in the learning environment.

Court’s Kids is a 501(c)3 organization designed to provide special education programs with the books and materials they need. By sourcing books through donation and utilizing donated funds to purchase much needed teaching tools, Court’s Kids hopes to ensure each child is provided with the environment they need to thrive.

Court’s Kids partners with local and national organizations to source books and uses word of mouth campaigns to build a network of donors to provide funding for additional classroom materials. Special Education programs can apply to receive assistance to purchase classroom teaching tools and materials as well as small libraries of books for their classrooms. Email us at for an application.

Little by Little Court’s Kids will support schools and early intervention programs and keep alive the dream of Courtney Bunfill to help children with special needs.

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  1. Marti Lloid permalink
    March 9, 2010 7:47 pm

    It was a good day to be a child…When Kiki arrived at Hazel Dell the morning of March 4th–with party hats, cake, dazzling hand-made bookmarks, and a big box of new ‘Berenstein Bears and Too Much Birthday’, I knew my children would be thrilled and consider this one of their most favorite days of the school year! These kids work so hard every day to learn, so a day like this to celebrate could be nothing short of a ‘good day’.

    Also, not unaware of coincidences, isn’t it somehow fitting that on that day 30 children were on my monthly special ed count at Hazel Dell? 30 children received new books–a gift for ‘Court’s Kids’–on what would have been Courtney’s 30th birthday. It is small miracles like this–mostly unnoticed–that give wonder to our lives. It was a good day to be a teacher…

    And now…my small gift back to ‘Court’s Kids’–this wonderful organization that helps these ‘most special’ of children thrive and find a love of reading… I am pledging my personal school library–my ‘Treasure Shelves’– to ‘Court’s Kids’ when I retire from teaching. Although that is a small thing, and is still a few years away, it seems to be fitting somehow. It would be exciting to see if other teachers might pledge to do the same. Imagine the thousands of books that could find a new home!

    Thank you to you, Kiki, to Courtney’s family, and to all of ‘Court’s Kids’, for giving such a precious gift to the children of Hazel Dell. Yes, it was a grand birthday celebration–and such sweet delight for all of us who were there to see such happy little faces. I expect, too, it was a good day to be a sister.

    Marti Lloid, Learning Support Teacher
    Hazel Dell Elementary School, VPS
    Vancouver, WA


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