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The Failure Drumbeat

November 17, 2013

SearchIt’s a common thing we hear daily on the news, in movies, or in books, America’s school system is failing. It’s usually said either with a lot of cynicism or it precedes a slickly proposed solution to get past the failure.  It’s a very common refrain that even gets automatically suggested to us. When you start a Google search with “the school system is” you immediately get suggestions of broken, failing, etc. It’s a view that frankly doesn’t serve us well.

To be clear, we shouldn’t be blind to facts and everyone needs to evaluate schools and their models carefully and expect nothing but the best for their children. However, a constant narrative of failure popularizes the idea that public education is hopeless.  On the broad level it makes it easy for voters to not be as concerned with budget cuts to education. Can you think of one congressman who has been voted out for cutting education funding? On a community level it makes a school’s closing inevitable. This mentality can put charter schools and private school at an unfair advantage when communities consider the options for their children.

Affordable, accessible education isn’t hopeless.

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