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April Showers Bring May Flowers…and a Change in Bedtime Stories

May 1, 2013

Living in the Pacific Northwest, this time of year is always so exciting. We’re coming out of the winter months of rain and gloom and getting these pockets of 3-4 days of sunshine and warmth…vitamin D…clear skies…gorgeous…reminding us why we live here and teasing us with t-shirt weather days.

It also inspires things like spring cleaning, change, clearing out the old and bringing in the new, fresh flowers, and sunny windowsills. And….in our house, a new set of bedtime stories. Our little guy has wanted to read the same two stories at bedtime for the last oh…I don’t know, three months? No matter the variety we presented him, he wanted the same two and that’s the end of that. He’s strong willed and I have no idea where he gets that…couldn’t be his Texas mommy….no sir.

I’ve read all about how it is totally normal for kids to demand the same books over and over again, that’s one way they learn and you should just go with it, follow their lead. But I have to say I was ready for a change from the ones we’ve been reading.

So, with this beautiful over 70 degree day, bright and sunny, I was inspired to encourage my little one to pick some new stories. At quiet time, I lead him over to the bookcase and showed him a few different ones, we looked together at the selection and I think he was ready too. We moved from Star Wars and Monsters Inc, to Cars 2 and Fish is Fish. Fine by me! Cars 2 needs no explanation but Fish is Fish is a little lesser known book and just a wonderful little story about loving who you are while being brave enough to look around yourself. It’s great.

Here’s to spring, and new stories!

Share with us, what are your favorite stories for spring?

Little by little,



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