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Annual Birthday Book Sort for Special Education!

February 18, 2013

This Saturday, March 2nd we will hold our annual Birthday Book Sort. We do book sorts about twice a year, once in the late summer and again in the spring, right around Courtney’s birthday. This year would have been her 33rd birthday.

Today, on a rare day off, Colin and I picked up TEN boxes of books from our friends at River City Books. As most working moms do, days off are spent running errands, we did lots of that today. With my co-pilot and Court’s Kids Vice President of Quality in tow, we went out for a marathon of running around ending with a visit to pick up books for our birthday sort. It was a great day, we even got a little unexpected sunshine…something we always seem to get when working on Court’s Kids events. If you are in the market for used books, you should visit these guys, they have been our biggest supporter from the start and we’re always thankful.

books for special education

My VP of Quality Assurance & Co-pilot along with a full carload of books!


The garage/Court’s Kids worldwide headquarters is full of books to be sorted, ready and waiting for our group of friends and volunteers to join us on March 2nd. We will laugh, connect, remember our own literary experience, and pack books to go off to new little readers across the country. It will be a good time. Our goal will be to get at least 15 boxes packed up and ready to ship that day…I think we’ll be able to do more.

Little by Little,


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