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Fall, Reading & Chapter Books

October 20, 2012

Here in the Pacific Northwest, after a really nice stretch of late summer…fall has finally set in. Football season is in full swing and the rain has arrived. Time for boots and scarves, rain jackets and layers. I love it… Don’t get me wrong, I love summer just as much as anyone but, growing up in the searing heat of West Texas make me love the coolness of fall.

Fall, to me, also means extra reading time. Curled up on the couch, rain outside, football in the background and a good book in hand. It makes me excited for the time when Colin gets into the chapter book stage, I can’t wait for that. He’s three now, so we’re starting to get into books that have a little more of a plot but chapter books are still a ways away. But, I’m excited for him to get into a series. I can remember those being so fun as a young reader. You’re not reading little kid books anymore and while you’re not ready for novels yet, the shape and feel and layout of chapter books make you feel like you’re reading “big kid” books.

If you’re looking for ideas for your chapter book reader, here’s a great list we found. It is full of great classics like “Charlotte’s Web” and the “Harry Potter” series but also brings in some unique classics and some you’ve probably forgotten about.

Here’s to fall and enjoying a good book.

Little by little,


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