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Book Ideas for Bedtime Story Time

September 16, 2012

As kids across the country head back to school, many starting school for the very first time, parents are working to get back into school year schedules and routines. And, while we all may have still held the bedtime story time during the summer, I think it takes on a little different meaning when school is in session. With the busy day of getting everyone off to school and work and then back home, fed, homework done, bath and back in bed, story time is a chance to slow down, connect. For those who are just starting school I can imagine this time of day is even that much more meaningful, comforting.

books for special needs

My little helper

We love books and it’s not a shocker that we enjoy story time around here. For me, as a working mom, I love that quiet time. My little guy sitting in my lap, quiet, tired, getting sleepy. It’s time for us to connect and for him to end the day with hugs, kisses, and for us to share a little adventure through stories.

Right now we’re loving anything with superheroes, “Arthur”, anything by Mercer Mayer, “Where the Wild Things Are”, and, of course, “Curious George”. I’m looking forward to the times when we can read chapter books together, the “Harry Potter” series, “Stuart Little”, “Charlotte’s Web”. My niece is all about the “Junie B Jones” series now, and my nephew loves the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” books. I recently stumbled across this great list of ideas for books to read to your kids. It has great stuff like, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “The Giving Tree”, “Little Bear”, “Amelia Bedelia” (I loved her), and much more.

What are your favorite bedtime stories?

Little by little,



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