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Helping New Special Education Teachers Build a Classroom Library

July 1, 2012

An essential piece of every classroom is the library. Sure, the school library is a critical piece of any school but, the classroom library is different.  Usually filled by the teacher with books of all shapes and styles, with hopes of entertaining and engaging each student in whatever way fits them best. These libraries take years to build. Years of picking over yard sales, visiting discount books stores, library sales, and always keeping eyes peeled for literary gems. More often than not , these libraries are funded straight from the teacher’s own pocket.

books for special education

Sorting Books for Shipping

We’ve worked with several teachers who have extensive libraries full of wonderful treasures, no doubt it has taken them many years to build. But what about first year teachers? Where do they start? Here is the birth of one of the main goals of Court’s Kids, to help teachers build their own classroom libraries. When we can help a new teacher it is a special honor.

This summer we’ve been working with several new special education teachers, just starting out in their careers. Here’s what one had to say:

“As a first year special education teacher, I feel truly blessed to
have an organization such as Court’s Kids to help jumpstart my
classroom library.  Through their wonderful donations, my students
will now have a variety of books that will develop and improve their
reading skills.  Thank you Court’s Kids for the amazing gift that will
benefit students for years to come!”

– Ashley Fein, Special Education Teacher

Personally, I love working with these new teachers because I see Courtney in them. She was just credits away from her degree in special education. Being able to support these new leaders in their journey is what Court’s Kids is all about.

If you are interested in helping us help more special education teachers build their classroom libraries, click here.  It costs us about $35 to ship a box of books to a school, all of the funds we receive go toward packing and shipping. With your help we can build more libraries to encourage and inspire our most fragile little learners.

Little by little,


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  1. July 2, 2012 8:21 am

    Kiki, Can we donate some great materials to help your cause?

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