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E-books vs. Paper

April 1, 2012

There’s been lots of talk lately about e-books. Given the widespread adoption of the iPad in the home and the classroom, along with the zillions of educational apps out there to choose from, it’s no wonder this is a hot topic. As someone who runs an organization centered around hardcover books I’m obviously partial to the importance of paper books. However, I’m also the mom of an early reader and I’m loving some of the interactive e-book apps out there.

They are wonderful, they really help books come to life. They give kids an opportunity to literally dive into the book, touch, move things around, effect the story, be involved. We have an iPad in our home and I love the tactile interface, the interaction he can have with the book on the screen. It is a new way, in my opinion, for children to develop a love of reading. Books like “Miss Spider’s Tea Party” by Callaway Digital Arts and “Penelope the Purple Pirate” by PicPocket Books are particularly popular with us.

However, I feel strongly that paper books will always have a place with early readers. There is something about the tactile, kinesthetic learning that happens when they learn to  physically turn the page, point to words with you, sound them out, hold them in their hands, smell the paper…and, as my son is notorious for doing…snuggle up with them as he drifts off to sleep. That cannot be replaced. I love what the iPad has brought to my son’s early learning but, I also love the basics. And, I believe, the basics will always have a place.


Little by little,


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