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Distributing Books

March 25, 2012

In the few weeks since our big Birthday Book Sort, we’ve had fun shipping boxes to our partner schools. Nine boxes have gone out so far, around 8-900 books total. They’ve gone to Utah, California and all parts of Washington and Oregon. We’ve received some great messages of thanks from our partners, all very excited for more books. I love getting these, it’s so fun to hear from everyone, people we’ve never met in person but have grown to get to know. Our pilot program, Klamath Falls Early Childhood Intervention always sends us a note when we send books.

Courtney worked at Klamath Falls ECI, she loved it, and it is clear she touched the team during her time there. Over the past couple of years we’ve gotten to share stories about her and get to know her work world and the people she worked with every day. What a great team they have, we’re really honored to know them. And, as her sister, it’s been a special gift to have a window into the world where she spent her work days.

Here’s the latest feedback from K-Falls:

We received our awesome box of books yesterday!!!   We have not had time to go thru the box in it’s entirety, but I was excited to see several board books….now we have an increased supply for our babies and toddlers who come in for evaluation. 
The number of books you have distributed is astounding…I can see and feel Courtney’s beautiful smile as she rejoices in this magnificent undertaking you all have accomplished in her loving memory.
Thank you all so very much for continuing to provide us with such a fun assortment of books to give to our little ones in ECI.  We appreciate your incredible efforts to provide books to so many children.  The contribution you are making toward school and children’s library’s will return and bless them over and over.  Encouraging children to read and parents to read to their children is invaluable.
Again, please accept our profound and deep gratitude for the gift of books for ECI’s children.
With our appreciation and warmest regards to you all,
Sandi & the ECI staff, children and parents
Thank you, it truly is our pleasure and honor to support your great efforts every day.
Little by little,
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