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3,739 Books for Special Education!

March 4, 2012

Today was our big Birthday Sort for Courtney and it was a huge success. In all we sorted and packed 3,739 books and have boxes ready to ship to 17 of our partner schools this week! It was truly an amazing day.

sorting books for special education

Getting everything ready for the birthday sort

First, the weather cooperated with us so beautifully. It has been so cold and rainy this week, we even got a little snow! I was a bit worried that the weather would be crummy and we would all be freezing in our garage. Not the case! We woke up to a foggy morning but the sun quickly burned that off and was shining on us all morning. I really felt Courtney’s presence today, more so than I have in a long time.

books for special needs

My little helper

We quickly got to work and burned through dozens of boxes, these ladies were on a mission! Colin and Bryan even came out to help, it was fun to hear his little voice as we sorted, excitedly discovering each book. I’m so happy to be able to share this with him. He gave all of the Pre-K books his stamp of approval. We had books donated from friends and family, and from our friends at River City Books and Schoolhouse Supplies, there were so many wonderful books.

Our friends at the Shadow Project also came ready to help, bringing with them 4 other volunteers, what a huge help! It was fun to send them home with 463 books for their program which supports all the Portland Public Schools. There’s is an amazing program which helps encourage children with special needs to meet academic goals. We’re so blessed to be working with such great people.

The Final Count!

All in all it was a beautiful day in so many ways, I could not have asked for more for Courtney’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Court, I love you and miss you all the time. I hope we’re making you proud.

Little by little,


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