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Sorting for Special Education

February 26, 2012

This time next week I anticipate being pretty tired and know I will be so pleased, so touched, and feel closer to Courtney than I do on a daily basis. Next Sunday, the 4th of March, will have been Courtney’s 32nd birthday, and we have quite a party planned for her. We have a whole wall of books to sort through, to pack and prepare and a day full of fun to have. Every time we sort it is a magical event.

books for special education

Mommy & Colin

We get books in from not only large sellers, but also friends and family editing their home libraries. They come in the way of boxes, shopping bags, and just plain piles. You never know what you’re going to get, every sorter finds a surprise, a book (or 12) that takes them back to a place in time, a spark of their love of reading. The energy in the room is so amazing and fun, happy…and she is there…with us…

My first sort, I was by myself, in a big warehouse…no idea how much time this would take or what we could get out of it.  I was transported by finding “Mr.Popper’s Penguins” and “Ramona”, they took me to a place I hadn’t been in a long time, where I was a little girl, learning about the world and in awe of the places books could take you. It took my breath away and made me pause, as I shared the book sorting with others later I was so in love with the experience of watching others be transported too.

This sort will be the first where Colin and Bryan will join in and help out. Usually they hang out in the house doing father-son things…Colin loves books so this may be the first time he’ll be able to understand that these books aren’t for him. I’m so excited for him to join us, to be with his Grandmother, my very good friend and board member, my best girlfriend, new girlfriends, new friends from our partners, the Shadow Project. I’ve always wanted to make sure he always has opportunity to give back to his community, Courtney has given me a way to give that to him right in our home. books for special education

So, I’m off to prep shipping labels, print up letters and plan out snacks and goodies to share with our sorters…I’m a Texas girl…people are coming to my home, we feed our guests 🙂

Little, by little,


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