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Getting Ready for the Book Sort for Special Education

February 20, 2012

The preparations for our big book sorting event are underway and last week we received a big boost! Our friends at River City Books donated about 2,000 books to help us with the event! We’re so thankful to Bill and the team at RCB, we wanted to make this event really big and this definitely did it. If you are looking for books to buy you should check out River City Books, supporting them supports us!

books for special education

The car packed to the gills!

Last Friday I drove home with a packed car, packed to gills with children’s books…thankfully the boxes are pretty nondescript or Colin would have torn into them on the drive home and I would have never gotten him out of the car. Right now our garage (Court’s Kids World Headquarters) is full of boxes ready to be sorted…I can’t wait! On Sunday, March 4th, what would have been Courtney’s 32nd birthday, we will be holding a book sorting event. We’ve had a few so far and they are always so much fun. Here’s a link to the post about our last sort.

books for special education programs

Ready to be sorted

The goal at the book sort is to sort books by reading level and prepare them for shipping or drop off to our partner schools. This time we have lots of friends and family signed up to help us along with our friends at The Shadow Project. It should be a fun day, you never know what kinds of surprises and treasures you’ll find.

Stay tuned!

Little by little,


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