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Early Spring Cleaning

January 29, 2012

This weekend we got a little bug to clean out a few closets and organize the garage. Now, it may have been the fact that there was not football on but, I’ll take it either way. We were on a rampage, organizing and de-cluttering, all the things you want to do but when both parents work, fall lower on the priority list for the week. It was fun, actually we all did it together, Colin following us room to room “helping”.

We had a bookshelf to put together for Colin’s room, things to take to Goodwill, and assorted other things to organize. In the garage we had lots of work to do, it is home to Court’s Kids book donations, a quick stop on their journey to being sorted and distributed. Needless to say, the garage was a mess..the last few months have been busy and we have boxes everywhere. So, we backed the car out, put jackets on and started organizing. Colin had a blast, he played with old toys we planned to donate as if to say a little goodbye, and we moved yard tools aside and reorganized.

In the end, we have a squeaky clean garage and lots of space for books coming in for the big March 4th sorting event (contact us if you want to participate!). And, as usually happens in these types of projects, we stopped at times to reminisce…Colin’s walker toy which played music, his first tiny basketball hoop which he could hit from a sitting position, and other fun things. My mother has been in a similar mode, cleaning out the garage and various closets in our family home in Texas, it has been fun to hear about all the treasures she’s uncovered. Mounds of books (books are huge in our family) and artwork from all the kids, toys, etc.

treasures in the garage

The Lamp from my Baby Room

One fun treasure arrived on my doorstep Friday, a box from my Mom, carefully packed…the lamp from my room when I was a baby. She had chosen this lamp to go with the yellow in the room, not too girly…but sweet. It has the original shade, it is so cute. I’m going to find a new shade, a blue one to fit Colin’s room a little, then place it on his new bookshelf. I can’t say how special that will be for me, I just know he’ll love the giraffes.

Here’s to spring cleaning and finding treasures.

Little by little,


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