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January 22, 2012

This week we received a delightful surprise, two huge boxes full of books for Court’s Kids! Courtesy of Schoolhouse Supplies here in Portland, OR we have more books for our upcoming book sorting event (I’ll get to that in a minute). Schoolhouse Supplies is a great organization, they really to an amazing job of helping teachers outfit their classrooms. We encourage you to support them and, if you are a teacher, go shop!! They have a little “store” for teachers to go and shop for supplies for their classrooms. They have everything from paper and pencils to incentives like cool backpacks and fun toys to encourage kiddos to go the extra mile. We’re so proud to work with such an organization and really encourage our friends and family to support them.

books for special education

Donation from Schoolhouse Supplies!

Back to our event…this coming March 4th, 2012 would have been Courtney’s 32nd birthday. On this day we are planning a big event, on this day we will be gathering together to sort and pack as many Books by the Boxful boxes as we can. On her day we will be prepping to send as many books to children in need as we can. More details to come…but if you want to help us prepare, learn more here.

Little by little,


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