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Goals for 2012

January 15, 2012

So, as we all do, I have been thinking of all of the things I want to do this year, goals, improvements, weight loss, etc. We usually eat pretty healthy but the holidays kind of derail that each year so, my biggest new year goal is to get us back on track food-wise. Exercise is always involved, making sure we’re fighting off calories to help to food shifts. I’ve been pouring through my cookbook library lately for healthy, quick meals for the weeknights and I have tons of ideas. My main goal is to be sure we’re being healthy but not sacrifice flavor.

We, like all families across the country, are making changes, improvements, a “foot in the right direction” toward a healthier lifestyle for the new year. One thing that will not change is the bedtime stories…living with a toddler means repetition. Repetition is how they learn, they LOVE to replay movies, reread books, retell stories. I have Don Freeman’s “Corduroy” memorized…right now we are loving this story of a sweet bear finding a home. We read this one every night, and Colin is starting to “read” along with us…it is memorized….So sweet.

Here’s to all the parents out there who are trying to work in their own resolutions while keeping their kids’ routines.

Little by little,


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