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Stories for the Holidays

December 11, 2011

The holiday season is upon us, we’ve got our tree up and the house decorated. This Christmas seems so much more fun now that Colin is more aware of things. Last year he was just a year and a half old, the tree was “so pretty” and he loved the lights, but he didn’t really seem to know anything different was going on. This year he’s so much fun, he is all in, this Christmas business is a blast!

As we often turn to books for help with talking about different seasons and events, I thought we’d share some of our favorites for the holidays.

– “Merry Christmas Mom & Dad” – Mercer Mayer – How do you not love Little Critter? He’s trying to be helpful but Christmas is just so fun!

– “Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas” – Jane O’Conner – Nancy learns how to adjust when her plans don’t go exactly as she hoped.

– “Llama Llama Holiday Drama” – Anna Dewdney – Don’t we all sometimes need a cuddle from mama to remind us that “Gifts are nice, but there’s another: The true gift is, we have each other.”

– “The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving” – Stand and Jan Berenstain – Brother and Sister can’t wait for all the presents they will get but something helps them learn the value of giving to others.

It is fitting we end this list with a Berenstain Bears book. That was Courtney’s favorite, she loved those bears and all their troubles and lessons.  Every year, on Courtney’s birthday, we have a celebration with one of our pilot schools and give a new Berenstain Bears book to all the kiddos to take home. Lately, my son Colin has been loving the bears too, particularly the Berenstain Bears DVD Gramma gave us.

Getting the message out, supporting kids with special needs

Merry Christmas from Court's Kids

Last week he (like 2-year-olds often do) demanded something that I couldn’t figure out. He was adamant about watching the “dancing bears”, I had no idea what he was talking about…and off we went to try and translate what, exactly, that meant. Finally, I pulled out the DVD case with his movies and asked him to show Mommy which movie he wanted. He flipped right to the “Berenstain Bears” DVD, pointed to it, looked up at me and said, “this one, dancing bears”. Like, “jeez mom, am I speaking a different language?”

I had to laugh, not just that he hears “dancing bears” at the theme song but just that I know Courtney would have thought that was hilarious. It was one of those moments that, were she still here, I would have called her and said, “you’re gonna love this…” If I close my eyes I can actually hear her laughing. It is moments like these where I really miss her, we shared everything her and I, and it is hard not having her here to share all of this…especially now that Colin is growing up and is so much fun. I know in my heart she can see him, she’s seeing all of this. I hope she’s proud.

Little by little,


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  1. December 31, 2011 6:07 pm

    I have to believe she can see all of us, knows what we rejoice, knows how we screw up, and laughs out loud when we fall down…literally. Remember. I get nasty looks from most people when I see a slip and fall because I laugh. I will help, but it is with laughter. AND if I fall down then is double trouble because I cannot get up because I am laughing too much. AND lately wetting my pants. It is not a pretty site and no one would like it better than Courtney. A similar event. Lee’s wife Lindsay was in El Paso for an internship and stayed with us. One day as we returned home we stopped at Sonic (a Courtney fave) and as I juggled to pay the window clerk, I pulled the change drawer and it exploded out of its place and coins flew all over the car. We laughed and laughed. Perhaps it is the blips on the screen of life where Courtney sneaks in just to say “hello”. A Matrix? I love you child.

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