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Books about Winter

December 4, 2011

As each season turns, we like to take a minute to point to fun resources for books related to the season. There are so many wonderful books about winter, hundreds to choose from. Books about snow, about trees, about trees in snow, about the holidays of winter, about sharing, caring, family and love. Here are a few we like, feel free to post your favorites!

1. Corduroy, Don Freeman – This is an all season favorite of Court’s Kids and an all time favorite in our home. You start with the hustle and bustle of what looks like Christmas shopping and end with a little girl and a new friend. It is wonderful. We had the honor of receiving a guest post from Mr. Freeman’s son, read it here.

snow in El Paso, TX - Court's Hometown

Snow Falling on El Paso, TX - Courtney's Hometown

2. Snowy Day, Moira Fain – A beautiful story of the fun of snowfall and how things are not always as they seem. Check out a recent Readers Reflect post about this book.

3. Owl Moon, Jane Yolen – A little girl’s beautiful description of a snowy walk through the woods, owling with her father. We love Yolen and her stories about dinosaurs in our house, this one is a fun departure. Here’s a look at her wonderful guest post for Court’s Kids.

We’re so lucky to have such great participation from authors and readers describing their favorites, we have many others, what are your favorites?

Little by little,


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