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Classroom Libraries…the place of hidden gems

November 14, 2011

Most classrooms have a “library”. Unique to each classroom, they can be small or large, well defined with a small reading area or simply a bookshelf in a corner. Serving to keep the over achievers busy while everyone else finishes their work, or to help inspire and encourage those who need a little help staying engaged, they all serve an important role. Bringing a little fun into the room, this is an area where the only rules are to be kind to the books and bring them back for others to enjoy.

Sometimes these libraries can be a bit less intimidating than the actual school library. Narrowing the options a bit can encourage reluctant readers to find something that just might make the difference.  One focus of Court’s Kids is to help keep these libraries stocked. Most of them are supplied by teachers, out of their own pockets. Our goal is just to help out where we can and maybe supply enough for kids to take home and start their own libraries.

Each library is unique but, there’s something for everyone. I remember devouring anything Beverly Cleary wrote…Ramona was my hero. Teachers put a lot of thought into stocking these bookshelves with books they know and hope will be just right for their students. Here’s a great article from Choice Literacy on building classroom libraries, there are some great ideas for selecting books that encourage readers.

What gems did you find in classroom libraries when you were in school? Teachers, what are the most loved books from your library?

Little by little,


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