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Looking for Books

October 9, 2011

As the owner of a Kindle I am thrilled at the prospect of hearing about a book and being able to have it in my hands immediately. However, I often miss the ritual of walking through the racks of a bookshop, the smell of paper, a little dust, some leather and cardboard…isn’t that what reading smells like?

Today we took Colin and my sister Ashley to Powell’s City of Books here in Portland. Ashley, visiting from out of town, and a reader herself was a good candidate for a trip to the City of Books. My parents have spent whole days there when they come to visit. It is a gem and a maze of literary gold unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

This trip we perused the history section as Ashley loves history books. Then we took a trip down to the children’s section for Colin. He had, to this point, spent the entire time in his stroller, which he loves. Only now, as we rolled him into the children’s area, did he start yanking at the seat belt and trying to get up and out…”books, books, I see Thomas the Train, and (Curious) George….” Powell’s has an awesome children’s section, complete with little kid sized tables and chairs. We sat down together and read through a few, picking out our favorites.

It is a great atmosphere, so conducive to teaching kids to love stories, and supporting your efforts to do that at home. Finally, we arrived at a “Little Golden Book” about “Toy Story” and a book about how “Thomas the Train” learns the ABCs”. A lot of other families were there, doing just the same thing, it was so fun. You should have heard the negotiating and bargaining going on, companies should send their sales teams to observe this little room. Kids are great negotiators.

As we paid for our books and coaxed Colin back into the stroller, he gripped the books in his tiny hands with excitement…remember  that? Remember…remember book lovers, when you used to be so excited to bring home a new book and devour it?

Our goal here is to keep that little tactile spark alive.

Little by little,


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