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2 Years & 26,000 Books…A Journey

October 2, 2011
Special Education Book Supply Program

Hazel Dell Special Education Program - AKA Court's Kids!

It is hard to believe, but just two years ago Lee (my baby brother, a grown man now, sorry Lee, you will always be my baby bro) and I applied for incorporation for Court’s Kids in Oregon. I was shocked at how simple it was, but there we were, an official business. The 501(c)3 was a different story…but we are so glad we trudged through that and made it happen! What began as an idea born of not wanting to let Courtney just fade away turned into something more that I would have ever anticipated. To date we have helped distribute over 26,000 books.

Sorting Books for our Partner Schools


I would have been happy with one thousand at this stage.

But, we have been blessed with great friends and supporters. River City Books got us on our feet giving us our first donation, Schoolhouse Supplies continues to be a huge supporter, branching out across the country we made fast friends with Mission Based Books and National Charity Services. These are just a few of our supporters, those of you who have helped us cover shipping costs, packing tape, pay for our operating costs like our PO box and such have kept the wheels in motion. And, when I feel as though those wheels are about to come off, you come in with a donation that helps keep them on a while longer. I have no idea how long we can make this happen, you show me how long, every day.

With your help we’ve been able to support schools from coast to coast. Court’s Kids is ever-evolving. What started with me visiting the local Postal Annex each week has grown to teacher days in Michigan and generous donations in Washington, DC. We’re growing slowly but surely, ever evolving and always focused on the goal, providing children with special needs with rich classroom libraries and their teachers with books to send home to begin home libraries.

I am honored to be sitting here typing this, to be working with wonderful people all the time and getting to fulfill my sister’s dream. I would also be lying if I didn’t prefer to just have her here with me, to watch her do this instead of me. I miss her.

Anniversaries can be bittersweet, September always will be for me. In September, 2009 I was looking for some way to keep Courtney close to me, I’ve spent the greater part of my life “in charge” of my baby sister, what was I supposed to do without her? I’ve said it before, I can’t live without her…this organization helps me keep her close. And every day that we move away from her death, I pray she doesn’t fade, I pray that the work we do keeps her alive and close.

books for special needs

Kiki & Courtney

Little by little,



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