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Down in the West Texas town…

September 21, 2011

Every so often I like to give a little history on Court’s Kids for our new followers. Share the source of our organization, the birth of our story. Today seems like a perfect day. My sister Courtney (the inspiration for Court’s Kids) and I grew up in the West Texas town of El Paso…yes, just like the Marty Robbins song. There’s even a Marty Robbins bar in the El Paso airport, every town has its celebrity.

books for special education

West Texas Girls - At a picnic on the Rio Grande

El Paso is “the Pass to the North”, nestled in the very West corner of Texas, nudged up against New Mexico and separated from Mexico by the Rio Grande. It is a unique corner of the world, full of influences of tough Texas settlers, Spanish Conquistadors, the longstanding Native American spirit and the soul of Mexico. I am so thankful to call that the place I grew up.

This afternoon I came home to the most wonderful surprise. On my doorstep, via 2 day air, was a box of freezer packed freshly roasted and frozen, green chilies from Hatch, New Mexico. If you are not familiar, this is where green chilies come from…they are amazing. This is the time of year for Hatch chilies.

Growing up, every year around this time, outside every grocery store in El Paso, you could smell green chilies roasting over a fire in a big wire drum. You would buy your chilies, and go shopping, when you came out a big steaming, warm plastic bag of chilies would be waiting for you….I am so not doing the experience justice here, the smell is something that I will never forget. It is one of those that, when I smell it again, takes me back to being a little girl walking into the grocery store with my mom on a hot, late summer day.

Freshly Roasted Hatch Green Chilies

Upon opening the box from my mom today I had to peel open the bag a little and take a whiff…there it is…earthy, spicy, sweet, late summer, dusty roads, mountains, river, spice, the Southwest…

Thanks Mom.

Little by little,


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  1. September 22, 2011 9:53 am

    The smell of cigar smoke always sends me back to my grandfather’s house.

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