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Books for the New School Year

September 18, 2011

Last week we were able to pack up and send out four of our Books by the Boxful book boxes. For those of you new to Court’s Kids, the Books by the Boxful boxes hold, on average, about 100 books. One of the first boxes each year goes to our friends at Klamath Falls Early Childhood Intervention. They were our pilot program, the first program to receive books from Court’s Kids and helped us work out a few kinks and refine the program.

books for special education

Klamath Falls ECI Staff & Their "Books by the Boxful" Donation Box

Klamath Falls ECI is also where Courtney worked. They do great things this team. Every day helping little ones learn how to navigate this new thing called school and learn how to learn. They’ve been wonderful to know these last years without Courtney, I’ve gotten to know Courtney through the eyes of her co-workers. They are such a gift.

Here are a few words from Sandi at K-Falls ECI:

“We received the shipment of books and have only had time to take a peek, but what we saw look fabulous!  Shelly and I will visit each classroom soon and give each child a book to take home.  We are still giving a book to every child we screen or evaluate.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to touch each child’s life in such a positive and meaningful way.
Thank you so very much for the books and be assured more children will be smiling because of your efforts in our beloved Courtney’s name.
Love, Sandi, Shelly and all ECI staff”
Later in the week we shipped Books by the Boxful boxes off to 3 more of our partner schools. All in all about 400 books shipped off to engage new little readers. All possible because of supporters like you. For more information on how you can help us send more books, click here. It only costs around $30 and provides a classroom with at least 100 books.
Little by little,
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