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Seeing the Wonder in Your World

September 12, 2011

Lately, at bedtime, it has been a requirement to read “Fish is Fish” by Leo Lionni. If your little one hasn’t found this one yet, it is a good one. Two little friends grow up in a pond together, one becomes a fish and one becomes a frog. Eventually, as frogs do, Frog hopped out one day and went out to see the world. Fish missed his friend.

One day Frog came back, he told Fish about the world and how wonderful it is. Fish was intrigued, he wanted to see all of the same things too, clearly Frog had the better life. Fish decided one day to splash his way out of the pond to try and see this new world. As he soon found, fish can’t be out of the water for very long and his little friend Frog had to help him back into the pond. Disappointed and sad, Fish struggled back to life in the water but, as he did, he noticed the amazingly beautiful world he lived in. He noticed the wonder of being a fish, he had a great life and being a fish was wonderful.

Sometimes it is hard to see the wonder in your life. The day to day and sometimes, minute by minute, details of what needs to get done can derail us from realizing how great our life is. Everyone’s definition of perfect is different, and the “grass is always greener” but is it? I think, no. Your grass is just fine and your “normal” is great and your “perfect” is amazing. May we all see that, just like Fish.

Little by little,


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