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Big Sort Eve

August 19, 2011

Tonight we are getting everything ready for our book sorting event. The night before is always kind of exciting, things to organize and set up, things to plan. In fact, as I write this my sweet husband (and honorary “employee” of Court’s Kids) is out in our garage setting up the sorting tables.

books for special education

Books being sorted for our partner programs

Sorting is so much fun because you never know what you are going to get. We have books donated in from our friends at River City Books (thanks guys!) and this time we have a set of boxes of books my college roommate sent to us. Our goal is to pack up as many K-5 and Pre-K boxes as we can for back to school time. Last year we sorted and packed around 3,000 books. I’m hopeful we can at least match that tomorrow.

This sorting event will be extra special, tomorrow we will have 3 (4 if you count Colin toddling around digging through boxes) generations of our family at the Big Sort. Bryan’s mom is coming to help and she’s bringing along Grandma Max to join us for the day. Courtney was all about family, fiercely so, and she would have loved to have so much family touching every one of the books being donated in her name. Should be a wonderful day!

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