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Second Annual Big Sort this Saturday!

August 16, 2011

Last year, in preparation for Back to School time, we held a really fun book sorting event. We get books donated from a variety of sources, book resellers, friends and families. For our Books by the Boxful program we sort these donated books into, Pre-school, Kindergarten-5th grade and 6th plus boxes. Our partner schools tell us what they need and we send off a box to help supply classroom libraries and (hopefully) provide a little extra to let kids take home and start their own home libraries.

books for special education

Sorting by grade level

The sorting events are so much fun, I’ve written about them often. My biggest joy comes from watching our donors as they open up a box and get transported. It is so hard to pick through piles of children’s books and not remember your experiences with reading as a child. Everyone smiles, everyone laughs, everyone shares stories of their own.

books for special education

Books being sorted for our partner programs

Stay tuned for an update on our sorting event. Last year we prepped and packed over 3,000 books! For information on how you can help, click here. Can’t wait to see what we can do this year.

Little by little,


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