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Read it Again

August 14, 2011

Among a few others, there’s one phrase that makes every parent cringe just a little, “read it again, mommy”. While you love that your little one is interested in books and reading…the 100th reading of a particular story can sometimes drive any parent a little nutty. Toddlers love repetition. At out house we’ve been reading “Goodnight Moon” over and over for weeks, we love to look for the mouse on each page. After natural worry (and being a first time parent) about OCD tendencies drove me to research, I learned that they need this repetition, it helps them learn. They see patterns, understand stories and start to put things together.

books for special education

Mommy & Colin

You can understand my excitement when Colin picked a new story recently. We did our usual march up the stairs to “read stories mommy” and settled in for story time. Much to my surprise we chose “Curious George has and Adventure” instead of “Goodnight Moon”. However, George has just taken the place of the mouse and now we’re reading that several times each evening. If you’ve read this one before you know George has more than one adventure in this story. He floods a room in his house, tries to “borrow” a pump and in the process lets a pen of pigs loose and steals a cow, jumps on a conveniently passing museum truck where he knocks over a dinosaur display at the museum and then gets an invite to be the first monkey in space. It’s a lot to take in. No wonder Colin loves this story now.

So, I stand in solidarity with all those parents out there who will read (for the zillionth time) a favorite story tonight. They are learning.

Little by little,


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