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Even more books for special education!

August 2, 2011

Recently I reconnected with an old friend, my roommate from my first couple years in college. We had been very close, going through this new experience of college together. We ended up going in different directions after college and just lost track of each other. She had been such a good friend and I’ve always missed her so it was such a wonderful surprise to get a Facebook message from her!

After just a short time she’s become a huge supporter of Courts Kids, sending us several boxes of books for our programs. Every book we receive is special. But, there is something even more special about knowing the family from where this book came. You know how loved it was and it is so special to find it a new home. In addition to the books from her own home library, my friend sent along books from her sister’s classroom library. A teacher changing jobs, she decided to donate her books to our program. Teachers, this is a great way to pass on your legacy and enthusiasm for literacy to another teacher. We have a couple teachers who have pledged to donate their libraries upon their retirement. Court’s Kids can help you connect with another teacher or program to share your books if you need help, just let us know!

That’s one of the main things we do, connect people. We’ve done it all across the country. People have books and we find schools and programs in the area who need them.  We’ve done that in Michigan with our friends at Mission Based Books, in DC with our friends at National Charity Services and a school book drive in Austin with my cousin.

Connecting people was one thing Courtney was really good at. She was always talking and got to know people and had a knack for hearing and understanding what they needed. It was almost on a subconscious level, I don’t think she really knew she was doing it. But once she heard about something someone needed she would connect them with friends or contacts who could help. “You need a babysitter? Oh, wait, I think I know someone who is looking for work”, “Your fence needs repairing? Oh, I think I know a contractor from my church who can help.” Often I would call to check in and she would have an extra few kids at her house, why? Because someone had a doctor appointment or needed to go to the grocery store and Courtney volunteered to take their kids for the afternoon…mind you she has three of her own to wrangle…what’s another 1 or 2? She just connected people.

Lee, (our brother and Court’s Kids Co-founder) follows suit, he’s amazing at it. He was the one who gently prodded me to join Facebook. I’m fairly new to it and never really saw the need. But, he mentioned it every once in a while and finally I caved. I’ve connected with so many great friends and I’m really glad I have.  I wouldn’t have reconnected with Holly had I not.

Thank you Courtney, thank you Lee, and thank you Holly…connecting people and bringing books to special education.

Little by little,


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