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Summer Fun

July 18, 2011

As the rest of the country is under heat advisory, the Portland, OR area is barely getting tiny tastes of summer. It rained just about all weekend, and while today was warmer, we barely saw the sun. I’m not complaining, that’s what you get living here, a little ambiguity with the seasons. So, as we kept Colin entertained indoors all weekend it got me thinking of ideas for others who might be cooped up with kiddos inside these days (whether escaping the rain or settling in near the air conditioner escaping the blazing sun, it’s still cooped up).

I’ve come across a few sites for book recommendations for kids, here’s a great one for tweens. And this one for elementary school kids to read aloud. It’s got great stuff including the Harry Potter series, and given the hoopla over the last movie wouldn’t it be fun to read a few then take a field trip to the theatre? ipad apps for kids

For other fun, there are the ever popular iPad apps. I’ve read some great articles lately about the iPad and how beneficial this tool can be for kids, more specifically those with special needs. We bought an iPad a couple of months ago, it was Bryan’s birthday present to himself. He had fun with it for about a week and now has to negotiate with Colin to be able to use it. There are so many great kid apps out there, and I am pretty certain this is toddler crack. If the games weren’t centered around numbers, letters, colors and stories I would be pretty worried. Okay, he does play Angry Birds every so often but I would argue there is a little fine motor skill at practice here 🙂

We love “Animal Fun”, and “PBS Kids” for Sesame Street and “Sid the Science Kid”. Here’s a great resource for more ideas.


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