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Candy Jar

June 28, 2011

Photo by K Latham on Flickr

Court’s Kids started with an ECI program in Klamath Falls, Oregon. It was the one Courtney was a part of, where she got to enjoy special education and make a positive impact on the children and educators there. It was only appropriate that the first shipment of books be sent to them to kick off what would become 15,000 books sent across the country. No matter what happens, we’ll always have a special connection with this program.

Among the many thoughtful ways they remember her is a candy jar they keep in the office.  To say she loved candy is an understatement. We all have that person at work who keeps a candy jar that we always manage to find an excuse to talk to when we need a break. I love that Courtney gets to play that role in some way. They do more than remember her though.

We love to get notes from them about their progress and what they are doing. Like many programs around the country they face a growing set of challenges and changes. No matter what might be happening, these periodic messages come as a treat, with an undeniable and resolute joy in what they are doing. It’s like reaching into a candy jar, giving us just what we needed.

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