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Summer Reading

June 12, 2011

It is that time of year, when days are longer, school is finished, the weather is warmer, vacations get planned and the summer reading list grows. Funny, the bulk of my reading time is always in the fall, when it is cold and rainy out and there is a steady stream of football. But the classic reading season is summer. What are you reading this summer?

I have a few titles I’m floating between this year. I’m the kind of reader who is easily distracted by an interesting story that lures me from the one I’m currently reading. Still loyal, I always finish the books I’ve started. And, now, add a 2 year old to the mix and I’m reading books, literally, pages at a time. Thankfully, I got a Kindle for Christmas which has been the greatest thing since sliced bread for me (no, I’m not getting a kick back from the Amazon team). This little tool has let me throw a few books on and flip between them depending on my mood. The only problem I’m having now is that because it is so easy to add books I am tempted constantly to add more than I know I’ll ever read.

This summer it is my goal to finish the books I’ve started and add a few more to the list to carry me through football season. Currently I’m making my way through “At Home” by Bill Bryson (love him) and “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro. Both great so far and for completely different reasons. I’ve also downloaded the new Rob Lowe biography, the Vanity Fair article hooked me and being a child of the Brat Pack era, I have to read this. I’ve also got “90 Minutes in Heaven” by Don Piper on the list, what can I say? I watched “Hereafter” recently which tore me up and propelled me to dig this out of the pile of books that people gave me when Courtney passed. I think I am finally ready to read some of those.

As Lee so eloquently described last week, we’re coming up on the second anniversary of Courtney’s passing. I still can’t believe I’m typing that… That summer Courtney begged me to start the “Twilight” saga. She was always pretty convincing so I humored her and loved them. I was halfway through the first book when she died. In the months that followed I chewed through the rest of them, I didn’t know what to do with myself in quiet moments. They propelled me through those rocky first few months.

That is the beauty of books right? You can go somewhere else, see something new, learn, experience, do, move, grow, and hopefully, take something away from that story that changes you in a great way.

Little by little,


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