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A Milestone

June 5, 2011

With our most recent donations of our Books by the Boxful program, we’ve hit a major milestone…these last boxes to our friends at the Shadow Project pushed us over the 15,000 mark. Since our incorporation and our very first donation to our friends at Courtney’s school in Klamath Falls almost three years ago we have, together with the support of our friends, family, and loyal readers like you, put 15,000 books into the education stream.

Budget discussions, teacher cuts, and the recent librarian layoffs, bring the need for extra materials to the forefront. That is the heart of the Court’s Kids mission, to supplement classroom libraries and help facilitate the building of home libraries. It is clear that the dollars allocated at the end of the day need to go to very important classroom teaching tools like interactive white boards, software and textbooks. There is little left over for fun reading and extra books to encourage young readers. That’s where Court’s Kids comes in.

15,000 books donated so far in our first 3 years, and my goal is 15,000 more in half that time.

Little by little,


Learn more about how you can help here.

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