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Summer Reading Program

May 31, 2011

Last week we met briefly with our friends at the Shadow Project regarding their Summer Reading Program. For those of you unfamiliar with this amazing program, the Shadow Project helps children with Special Needs meet their academic goals. Each month, for meeting the goals set by their teachers, kids earn “Shadow Bucks” and get to shop in the “Shadow Store” with those hard earned bucks. The Shadow Store is stocked with al kinds of fun things, toys, stuffed animals, fun gifts they can give to their parents or siblings, and (of course) books. Court’s Kids has the great honor of helping supply the Shadow Store with books.


An original piece from one of our friends in the Summer Reading Program 2010

We’ve been working with them a while now and are so excited to be participating in our second Summer Reading Program. As an added incentive to finish the school year on a strong note, teachers in the program give extra credit bucks to those students who are willing to finish an extra assignment. The idea is to encourage kiddos to keep reading over the summer with the books they earned for themselves with the extra credit assignment.

summer reading

Excited Reader

Last week we donated 246 books to the program. Last year so many students in the Portland area worked so hard, earned bucks, shopped in the Shadow Store and “bought” Court’s Kids books. We are honored and so excited to help encourage little readers to keep up on their skills over the summer. I personally love the idea of not only keeping up on their skills but, also…hopefully…win over a new reader or two with a fun summer story…

Little by little,


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