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What 122 books can do

May 24, 2011

In my last post I talked about our most recent donation of 122 books to the tiny town of Skykomish, WA.

122 books sounds pretty insignificant, I know. It’s not thousands, nor hundreds, really. But, here’s an example of how just a little help can mean a lot. In the entire K-12 school district of there are just 48 students. Nope, I’m not missing a zero.

The entire K-12 School District of Skykomish, WA

books for special education

My emails back and forth with Special Education Director, Shane Wray have been so wonderful. They really need books. In this, the season of  cuts and discussions of whether or not librarians are even necessary (completely amazing to me that is even a question) these kids just flat out need books, end of story. We’re so honored to be partners with them. So happy to hear their stories, see their excitement and just be a part of their little end of the world.

Little by little,


Want to help us help more schools like Skykomish? Visit our How to Donate page…it’s really easy, I promise!

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