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122 Books Traveling North

May 22, 2011

Friday we shipped off a set of books to our friends in Skykomish, WA. More accurately, I took my lunch break to pop by the nearby Postal Annex, doing my usual taping and labeling of the boxes in the parking lot. I really enjoy this part of my work with Court’s Kids, I still get to personally send off many of the books we ship out to our partner schools. It helps me stay close to the project and stay close to my sister.

This box heads off to Skykomish, a small town about an hour and a half East of Seattle, and a small school in need of books. They reached out to us and we were so excited to support them as they built their classroom libraries.

books for special education

Card from our friends in Washington

We have sent them a few boxes before, this set is helping to supplement their library. It is the tiny schools like these that feel budget pinches the closest. The history of the town is interesting, the creator of the Great Northern Railroad, James J Hill, decided to extend the line from Montana to the Pacific Coast in 1889. His engineer, John F. Stevens (later builder of the Panama Canal) decided the best route, along the way Stevens Pass and the town of Skykomish were born.

Ironically, I have actually visited the James J. Hill home in Minnesota. When Bryan and I lived there my parents came up for a few visits, on one we took a little historical tour of the area. Not a huge shocker as my parents always took us on historical tours of whatever area we were visiting growing up. This trip took up to the James J. Hill house. Small world.

I enjoy learning a little more about each school with which we work. There are always stories, always history and always bring us back around to how small the world can really be and how much we all really have to help each other.

Little by little,


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