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May 17, 2011

Seasons are changing again, it is finally getting a little warmer and we’re seeing the sun a little more here in the Northwest, and my office mates are sneezing with all that is blooming these days. Those of you who have been following Court’s Kids know that Lee and I run this little organization on the side. Lee works from Chicago and me from Portland, and we both keep our “day jobs”. All of the work that is done to support our schools is volunteer time from us and our wonderful volunteers.

Recently I switched jobs, I’ve been blessed with an opportunity with a wonderful company in the education environment, Inspiration Software. I’m so excited and loving being closer to the population we’ve begun working with through Court’s Kids. It does mean a schedule and routine shift for me and my family but it has been all so positive. We have our days, we have our moments…I’m the mom of a 2-year old after all. But, it is a change and a great one.

So, with our shift in routine, and the shift in seasons,  Court’s Kids is also shifting. We’ve lost a big donor of books. But, given our track record and our history in our short two years of operation…that is all it is, a shift. We have been so blessed, met so many wonderful people and I know that a window will open. We may scale down our donations for a bit this summer but we have big plans for the new year. I know we’ll be supporting special education for a long time, we’re just going to get more creative…stay tuned!

books for special education

Kiki, Courtney & Lee

Little by little,


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