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Read Every Day

May 15, 2011

Scholastic just launched their global literacy campaign entitled “Read Every Day”. They provide parents with a number of resources and challenge everyone to spend time reading with children every day. It is a wonderful campaign and we are (as always) very supportive of anything that encourages reading, especially reading as a family.

children reading

My Little "Reader"

When Colin was first born I made a promise that I would drop whatever I was doing whenever he brought me a book. We would always read together of course, but if he initiated the reading then I would always encourage it. Little did I know how difficult this can be at times. There have been those moments when I’m mid-dinner preparation and about to turn a corner to getting a meal on the table for us when Colin marches over with book in hand saying “Read that one”. When my husband isn’t traveling I can pass the dinner making baton to him and honor Colin’s wish. On those nights when he’s away, its a little harder, more to juggle, it isn’t easy.

As a mom I would like to just tip my virtual hat to those parents who juggle constantly, and let things slide a little from time to time, in order to appease a little one marching over, with book in hand, ready for a story…parents, you know that look…how do you say no? So, dinners go a little cold, bedtimes get pushed back a little, the world doesn’t end, it just gets better…

Little by little,


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