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Classroom Libraries

May 9, 2011

One of the main initiatives of Court’s Kids is to help support and supply books for classroom libraries. As I’ve gotten to meet and speak with more and more teachers across the country, I’ve learned the importance of those little libraries. It’s not secret that teachers get to know their students so well that they become experts as to what they might be intrigued and inspired by. Often the classroom library is a place of inspiration and encouragement, tailor fit to each student by their teachers. In a recent post by Heather Walpert-Gawron, this tailoring is illustrated beautifully.

summer reading

Excited Reader

We’ve also gotten some great feedback from happy teachers after receiving books from our program:

“Wow!  The students and teachers at DEAW are so thankful and so blessed.  Two huge boxes of books arrived at the office with my name on them.  I sorted through them and invited other teachers to take what they needed for their classroom libraries.  We serve a population of students where many come from economically-constrained families and lack access to quality literature.  Court’s Kids changed the lives of our students by http to fill this void.  As teachers, we raise funds spend a our own money on books, but there is a limit to what we can provide for our students.  Thank you so much for making this process easy and for helping our students to learn and grow!” – Mrs. Lauren Clark, 2nd Grade DEAW Redford, MI

This is a critical part of our mission and we intend to continue supplementing classroom libraries. Even with the recent loss of our largest book donor, we remain undeterred. Read my last post and you’ll see what our organization was built upon, tenacity. We’ll push through this, I have faith. We have great supporters, and more will come. You can help us by spreading the word, click here for more information.

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