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What being a mother means to me

May 8, 2011

Tenacity is often defined as “doggedness; persistent determination”. I’ve always thought of myself as a persistent and determined person, a fighter, strong. My Dad lovingly describes me as his “fightin’ Kiki”, I’ll push through any barrier. It wasn’t until I became a mom that I truly felt tenacious in every sense of the word. When Colin came into the world, I was overwhelmed at this new sense of determination and protective instinct. I will do anything for him. Whatever he needs, I’ll do anything to provide for him.

Through our work with Court’s Kids we’ve had the opportunity to meet and interact with truly amazing women who embody this term, tenacity. These women fight for their kids every day, big or small battles, they forge ahead, vigilantly ensuring their children get what they need to grow and succeed. I admire them completely.

Courtney definitely had these qualities, she was fiercely protective and vigilant in providing for her children. What is different about Courtney though, is that she was always tenacious, she just became ten times more so when she became a mother. Even as a child Courtney fiercely protected her brothers and sisters, sometimes to her detriment but she always had good intentions. She could give us all sorts of grief but heaven forbid anyone outside the family give that a try.

early reading

Colin Sitting Still, Reading with Mommy

Being a mom means lots of things to me, but this is a main theme. Tenacity and being able to roll with what comes your way. On this, my now third Mother’s Day, I awoke to my sweet boy calling “Mommy…” at 5am. I went in, scooped him up and brought him into our bed to snuggle, and hopefully fall back to sleep for a few more precious moments. Sometimes he will just snuggle into my arms and pass right out for a good hour, it’s lovely. Not today, after squirming around and climbing all over me for a half hour he requested Toy Story. I delivered his movie and got up to brush my teeth only to come back to what amounted to his body weight in pee on my side of the bed…Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂 After quick clean up and promises of milk and fruit snacks, Colin trotted off downstairs with Bryan to let mommy rest her eyes for a few more minutes. I did just that, rested my eyes, it was nice. I could hear the funny sounds of my boys playing downstairs, as wonderful as more sleep sounded, I couldn’t miss out on this morning. As I walked down the stairs they could hear me coming, “Is that Mommy?!” Bryan asked Colin…and there, standing at the baby gate at the end of the hall was this sweetest face, wide eyes, and a huge smile, “Mommy!!!! Yay!!!!”.

I’ll do anything for that boy.

Little by little,


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