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Mother’s Day

May 5, 2011

As most of us know (or better know) this weekend is Mother’s Day. First, let me just say how proud I am to have seen Kiki and Courtney become such wonderful mom’s. It wasn’t a terrible stretch for me to see them in those roles though, being the big sisters that they were when I was growing up. They had the maternal instinct down pat as kids. Of course, we had our mother to show us the way.

Being an organization created to help improve special education, it isn’t a terrible stretch to think of mothers (dads too!).  There is an essential role that caregivers play in the education of their children. They are the one who normalize the things children are taught in a classroom. They take it from an activity to be completed during the day to an essential part of daily living. In special education in particular, mom’s are often the ones who have to advocate for the Individualized Education Programs (IEP). This is no small matter, the Supreme Court is reviewing a case that considers the responsibility parents have in determining if their child needs special education even if the school doesn’t raise any issues. Even after an IEP is provided, a parent of a child with special needs often has to be their own advocate, with an knowledge of the system on par with attorneys. There are hero mothers everywhere, overcoming countless barriers all while raising a child. In short, moms are essential to special education, they are the resolute constant that sees the whole picture.

Court’s Kids is about that whole picture, that’s why many programs we’ve assisted help build home libraries. It’s our hope that our books are there wherever these mother’s are, providing that small help wherever it’s needed most.

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