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Children’s Book Week

May 2, 2011

In honor of Children’s Book Week, I thought it would be fun to revisit some of our most popular Reader’s Reflect guest posts from our favorite children’s authors. Today, Laura Numeroff, author of such wonderful titles as “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and my son’s favorite, “Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers”. Laura is also a big Court’s Kids supporter and we love her!

I remember getting my first library card, not believing that there were so many books to choose from that I could bring home , read tall of them, bring them back and then takc out more again! Unfortunately, this was in the 60s and the library I went to only let you take out six at a time!

I very quickly became a voracious. Some of my favorites were anything by Beverly Cleary, Lois Lenski, and, Marguerite Henry. But, the two books that made the biggest impact were STUART LITTLE, and, ELOISE!

Laura Numeroff
Author Laura Numeroff as a young reader

The stories excited me so much that I tried to write my own book. The first one was about a horse called Trixie who went shopping in Macy’s.

When I was 9, I KNEW I was going to be a children’s book writer, but didn’t think about paying rent! After I graduated from Pratt Insitute in Brooklyn, NY, I went to San Francisco for two weeks and stayed for seven years! In that time, I registered with a temp agency, got MediCal, got fired from a myriad of part time jobs, and, managed to write and illustrate nine books. I got $500,oo for my first advance!

A lot of people aren’t aware that I’ve written a whole bunch of books that don’t begin with the word “if’!

But this is a circular story of sorts.

I got to meet the illustrator of ELOISE, Hilary Knight, several times. Each time pinching myself!
And, with the money I made from my books, I was able to buy an original drawing from STUART LITTLE~

Laura Numeroff writes the fun children’s series with titles such as “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” and “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. Check out her site for a complete list of books by Laura Numeroff. Thanks Laura for your participation and support for Court’s Kids!

“Readers Reflect,” is a post by a guest blogger reflecting on a formative book, character, or reading experience that has been particularly meaningful in their life as a reader. To submit your own “Readers Reflect” essay, please contact us at

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