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April 18, 2011
Cinderella Stories

A Cinderella Fan

The last two days we’ve enjoyed the most beautiful sunshine, here in the Pacific Northwest sunshine is a hot commodity (no pun intended) during this time of year. We’re out of the nasty, wet chill and starting to get warmer days, often times the only thing missing is sunshine, you just hope for it. This is a season, to me, of hope. Two years ago this time I was hoping for a healthy baby and he came. My sister Courtney, mother of three, was hopeful too…well, more madly hopeful and excited than anything else. She called me daily, driving me crazy at the time, wanting to know about every burp, baby movement and doctor visit. I’d give anything for her to annoy me with constant phone calls again.

Courtney didn’t choose the easiest road but she was so hopeful and always the first to say “it will all work out”. I miss that every day. Every time we’ve hit a road block with Court’s Kids, I hear her voice, “it’s fine, we’ll figure it out”. Recently we announced the award of our 501(c)3. We received a lot of advice, “don’t worry about it”, “it’s too hard, you can operate without it”, “just start small”. We also received a lot of praise and positive, hopeful words, those spurred us on. It was important for Lee and I to do this right.

books for special education

Kiki, Courtney & Lee

So far we’ve donated almost 15,000 books, we’re moving along really well, I’m so proud and feel Courtney’s pride too. But we still have road blocks.

We need funds, we need books.

They will come, I know it, we have amazing supporters in you. I have hope.

Little by little,


books for special education

Courtney & Daughter on the Oregon Coast

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