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April 10, 2011

As a young (meaning I’m new to it, not that I myself am young) parent there is one thing I’m finding a consistent, you just don’t want your child to ever be disappointed. Yet, disappointment is a part of life, unfortunately. Growing up, I lived in a world which, at times, was very closely tied to the world of sports. My father was/is a sportswriter in Courtney’s and my hometown, and our stepfather with whom we lived and became extremely close to, a local attorney. We shifted often from academic to sport, and back again, all the time. In the world of sports there is at times, a lot of room for disappointment and little room for heroes.

There is a part of me that is thankful that Colin will miss the disappointment everyone experienced with Tiger Woods and now, Barry Bonds who, along with his brethren have not had a good showing in the wold of setting examples. Every once in a while I wonder how I would explain those situations to my son. But, for every disappointment there is a hero. Someone who exemplifies everything you, yourself want to be and everything you want your children to emulate.

Tonight on 60 Minutes there was a special on Albert Pujols,  baseball player for the St.Louis Cardinals and father to a child with Downs Syndrome. Not only is he a phenomenal baseball player and family oriented man, he gives back to his community in a variety of ways. We all look for examples to show our kids how they should behave. Here is a family which utilizes their notoriety to help others and  supports us as parents, giving us a hero to point toward.

There is so much to be disappointed with, people to be disappointed in, tonight we are pleased to support a sports hero of which to be proud.

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