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A busy day for Court’s Kids

April 5, 2011

Today was one of those days where I was shifting gears constantly, secretly I prefer those days…weird, I know but, it keeps me sharp and focused.  Those of you who’ve followed us for a while know I’ve kept my day job and run Court’s Kids on the side with my brother Lee. Today I got the pleasure of meeting a teacher from one of our new partner schools when she dropped by to pick up a box of books. I love those days, I get to stop for 5 minutes and meet someone new, learn about their school and see a really huge smile. It is awesome.

After finishing our the rest of my work day I headed across town to Findley Elementary School where Court’s Kids was invited to speak to the Common Grounds after school program. These kids were great, 38 K-5 age kiddos, a big audience for me 🙂 They were so well behaved, good listeners and had wonderful questions! It was a great evening. Thank you Findley for having us!

After I said my goodbyes to my new friends, I shot back home to greet my boys and switch into mommy-mode. You know the drill ladies, dinner, lunches for tomorrow, picking up from today, and on this evening mommy had cupcakes to bake and decorate and goodie bags to fill or tomorrow. My little man will be two tomorrow. I can’t believe it.

It has been a busy day and even busier night. To be honest I’m shocked I’m able to get a post in. This is one of those days where everything kind of falls into place, everyone cooperates, and you get more done in a few hours that you ever thought you would. For me, it is one of those days where I feel like a little bit of a super mommy, I imagine Whitney and a robed choir behind me singing “I’m Every Woman”. We don’t get those days often but when we do are they great or what?

Courtney and I joked all the time about how mommy-hood and work and all that juggling would make us crazy, but it is a good kind of crazy, you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

books for special education

Enjoying the Sunshine

Little by Little,


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