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Words from a happy teacher

April 4, 2011

Every once in a while we like to share comments from our partner schools, from teachers and even from the little readers we support. This one comes from a first year teacher here in the Northwest.

“Thank you so much for the books! The students are all picking out a couple for the break. I challenged them that every book they read, I will run, walk, bike or swim a mile! From the sound of it, they are going to work hard at reading to make me fit! 🙂
They are all super excited. I just wanted to thank you again for enabling us to give this gift to them.” – Miss Hudson, Learning Support, Sarah J Anderson
This is just one example of the kinds of teachers you help us support. Teachers go to great lengths every day to get their kids to engage, pick up a book, enjoy it, to learn. This one, quite literally, goes the extra mile.
Tomorrow evening I’ll get the pleasure of meeting a few more teachers and the students they serve. Court’s Kids was invited to speak to the Common Grounds after school program at Findley Elementary School. This month they are studying the topic of giving back to the community. We’ve been invited to talk about how Court’s Kids helps schools and students with special needs. I’m really honored and excited to spend this time with this group, it is just one more opportunity to help us spread the word.
Little by Little,
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