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A New Partner Program!

March 28, 2011

Just recently we had the distinct pleasure of beginning a partnership with the School for the Arts in Learning in Washington, DC. The School for Arts In Learning (SAIL), Public Charter School’s Reading Buddies model was first developed in 2001, and in 2004, SAIL began to implement the program to supplement a core literacy program, SAIL’s Reading Buddies program has grown from 50 adult volunteers in 2001 to over 199 in the SY 09/10, ensuring that each student has one-on-one reading time with an adult.

books for special education

SAIL Reading Buddies

In the past three years over half of Reading Buddy volunteers return to continue with their student reader.  In 2011, due to a slight decrease in enrollment they now have 170 volunteers participating.

The strength of the Reading Buddy program is built upon its simplicity. Once a week volunteers and students find space around SAIL (typically outside of classrooms) to sit and read together for 30 minutes.  These informal spaces and the special nature of the relationship between adult and student enhance the concept that reading is more “fun-time” than “recess”.  Studies show that children provided with this kind of informal atmosphere engage more readily with the learning process and are more inclined to request informal learning time with adults in their home environment.

reading, Special education

Books set up for Reading Buddies Program

They attribute this success to the dedication of SAIL‘s staff, and weekly, personalized instruction by Reading Buddy volunteers tied to the curriculum.

“We’re exceedingly grateful to “Court’s Kids“ for their generous donation of 234 books for our program!  The students are thrilled to have such a diverse selection of stimulating reading materials to choose from.  Your donation even included books written in Spanish for our bi-lingual students and the range of topics is superb!  Court kids you made a tremendous difference at our school! Thank you Court’s Kids you’re the best!!!!” – Volunteer Coordinator, SAIL

We could not be more happy and honored to be working with an amazing program like SAIL. They do great work every day and they need support. Read about how you can help here.

Talk about opposite end of the country, we’re headquartered in Portland, OR so the idea that we could possibly reach all the way to Washington, DC amazes me. Courtney would be so proud, she would be so thrilled. She always wanted to go to DC, now she can.

Little by little,


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