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A Milestone

March 27, 2011

Last week we talked a lot about the distribution of our Spring Books by the Boxful boxes to our partner schools. We’re still in the process of sending more out but as of Friday we hit 14,200 books donated since we started Court’s Kids in September 2009!

In September 2010, on our first anniversary, we donated our 10,000th book. Just 6 months later, we’re at 14,200 books.

books for special education

All Packed Up With Somewhere To Go

This week we’re coordinating a pick up or two from local schools and getting a few more boxes ready to ship out. I don’t think it will be difficult for us to hit the 15,000 mark within the next couple of weeks. Oh goodness…did I just give us a challenge? 🙂

Short post tonight friends, my little one is sleeping peacefully and I need to load up the Trailblazer with tomorrow’s book shipments. More this week as we send off more Books by the Boxful boxes and prepare for our next exciting event. On April 5th, Court’s Kids has been invited to speak to a local school about giving back to our community. We’re so honored to have been chosen to share our story with these kids and get our message out in a new way.


Little by Little,


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