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March 20, 2011

Spring is here, complete with a “Super Moon”. This is always a great time of year, more sun, less rain (or snow depending on where you live), sprouting green leaves, a few buds here and there, warmth, and new life. It’s also time for us to start sending out our Spring Books by the Boxful boxes to our partner schools. This week I will be loading up the Trailblazer with boxes and shipping out to our friends. New books for their classrooms and new books for the students to take home to keep.

books for special education

Books, Ready to Go!

If you would like to help us get more boxes out this spring, click here.

March is always a fun month in our family. Growing up in the Southwest this meant we would trade sweatshirts for shorts and get ready for the hot sun to arrive. Courtney and Jane shared their birthday on the 4th and two of Courtney’s three children on the 12th. It’s also time for March Madness and we’re all excited.

We have the pools going and, as usual, are having fun with the unending debate over which teams we’ll root for this year. Lee’s Huskies made a great run, as did our home state of Texas. Courtney was a rabid fan of the Longhorns, to a fault most times. She and I always argued playfully over whether or not we got Texan points deducted for not picking the Longhorns all the way to the Final Four. This year I didn’t, I picked with my competitive spirit, not my heart 🙂 It worked out for me, I got a little further ahead in the pool. It was a change, usually I pick them to go a little further than I should each year.

It was a change, a small one. Spring is time for change, new beginnings, sunshine and fresh air. Spring has sprung.

Little by little,




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