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Happy Teachers

March 15, 2011

Recently we’ve talked about our book donation events, the book giveaway in Michigan and the book sort and the Birthday Party last week. I thought I’d share with you some feedback from happy teachers. They do hard work every day, so it is nice to see their happy comments and I had to share.

books for special education

Books, Ready to Go!

From Mrs. Lloid at Hazel Dell where we hosted our birthday party last week: “The kids just love you; there are so few “fun days” anymore for the children just to be children and have some excitement in their learning.  I want you to know how very much I appreciate all you do for the kids at Hazel Dell.”

“Wow!  The students and teachers at DEAW are so thankful and so blessed.  Two huge boxes of books arrived at the office with my name on them.  I sorted through them and invited other teachers to take what they needed for their classroom libraries.  We serve a population of students where many come from economically-constrained families and lack access to quality literature.  Court’s Kids changed the lives of our students by helping to fill this void.  As teachers, we raise funds spend a our own money on books, but there is a limit to what we can provide for our students.  Thank you so much for making this process easy and for helping our students to learn and grow!” – Mrs. Lauren Clark, 2nd Grade DEAW Redford, MI

“I can’t wait to begin giving a book to each child in the program now and each child who comes in for testing.  I know some of the children we test do not have any books at home.   This is the most caring and important gift a child can have-books of their own.  This will encourage parents to share books with their children, an invaluable and incredibly important gift of their time to spend with their children.” -Sandi Zeigelmeyer, Klamath Falls Early Childhood Intervention, Klamath Falls, OR

books for special education

Reading Together

You can help us continue to make happy teachers by visiting our How to Donate page, there are many ways you can participate.

Little by little,


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