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Policy Post: Location, Location, Location

March 9, 2011

Without a doubt, Court’s Kids is all about getting as many books as we can in the hands of students with special needs, but there is more to the picture. A new study is being released that places new importance on the environment children learn in. A classroom without enough supplies for everyone or run down resources can negatively impact a child’s performance. It doesn’t just lead to the obvious problems of not completing educational activities and but actually influences a child’s attitude. Students in these environments tend to “have more learning, externalizing, interpersonal, and internalizing problems.”

This report certainly speaks to why we envision our mission as more than just books. Special education calls for big, bold ideas that see the whole picture and the classroom itself is an essential part of that. By partnering with teachers and administrators in communities across the country, we expect to discover and develop new and creative ways to help beyond what we do now. It’s exciting at this still early stage of Court’s Kids to consider the possibilities of what we could do. Just like the students we help, we also see classrooms as exciting and challenging places to grow in the future.

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