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Happy Birthday Court, 2,500 books donated!

March 7, 2011

books for special educationLast week was a big week for Court’s Kids. Not only was it Courtney’s birthday week but it was a huge week for book donations. Between the book giveaway with our friends Mission Based Books, our partner schools sending kiddos home with books and our birthday party on Friday, we donated over 2,500 books!

Last year we had a little birthday party with our friends at Hazel Dell Elementary, it was nothing short of amazing. This year we returned to a room full of kids on the edge of their seats for a party. It was wonderful. We walked in the room and got a resounding”yay!”. One little girl said, “I remember you from last year!” and gave me a big hug, it was about all I could do to not tear up. Everyone was so excited, the room was buzzing. We moved furniture around so we could all sit together and read the book we brought, “Too Much Vacation” by the Berenstein Bears.

books for special education

Reading Together

We chose this book since it was a Courtney favorite and the subject of a beautiful memorial for Courtney done by the staff at her home school in Klamath Falls. The kids loved it, we laughed and talked about how silly the bears were and the high hopes they had for their vacation. We giggled about how sometimes things don’t always turn out how you planned.

books for special education

Cake time!

After the story we had cake and talked about reading. One little boy wins the prize for best quote of the day when he said, “You have to use your mind when you read, it’s like a little TV in your brain.”books for special education

Just like last year I so loved being able to connect with the teachers and kids we support. Every day we work toward our goals and try to build our organization to grow, there’s a lot to do still. It isn’t always fun and is sometimes really hard. Days like these give me just the boost to keep going, to know we’re doing a good thing. On Friday I got the rare opportunity to be in the environment where Courtney worked and lived. I walked where she walked, and saw what she saw and again, it was beautiful. I’m so blessed to get that visual, first hand, of our mission.books for special education

Little by little,


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